knurr flat screen solutions

The increased demand for visualization in many control consoles and control rooms means that the number of monitors involved is increasing dramatically. That makes it all the more important to have proper ergonomics involved for each user. The Knurr line has been a leader in monitor ergonomics for over 25 years.

Egonomically-positioned monitors prevent health-hazardous bad posture. The right viewing angle to the monitor ensures an ideal view, less eye strain, better back posture and sitting position. Studies, tests, and surveys all show that workstations that are set up correctly promote fewer sick days, and more effective employee performance.

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    • Individual small-monitor supports
      • Rail-mounted and swivel-arm mounted designs
      • Support-pole configurations
      • Multiple-monitor adapters
      • Tool-less quick change systems
      • Infinitely adjustable in all dimensions
      • Universal adapters
      • Fast swap-out features
      • Gas-pressure spring mechanisms
      • High durability

    • Functional rails for height-adjustable superstructure arrays
      • Straight or curved array structures
      • High load capacities
      • Electrically height-adjustable systems
      • Electrically angle-adjustable systems
      • Multifunctional extrusions and adapters for multiple monitors

    • Wall and ceiling mounting brackets
      • Tilt control, telescopic, and angle controls
      • Wide variety of accessories and fittings to allow creation of nearly any configuration

    • SynergyWall® video wall solutions
      • Ideal for TV studios, newsrooms, process display in control rooms, data centers, municipal traffic and airport traffic monitoring control rooms, reception areas, retail, and Network Operations Centers
      • Straight wall or cockpit solutions (10-degree)
      • Low installation depths
      • Pedestals for computers, power supplies, and documentation.
      • Swivel and tilt capability
      • Mixed monitor size allowances
      • Tool-less monitor swapout
      • Scalable, modular, expandable, future-proof