Knurr carts for medical electronics and medical electronics carriers are the products of choice for a wide variety of mission-critical medical industry applications.

The configurability and capabilities of Knurr medical carts are well-suited to medical industry needs -- for procedures, electronics, lab equipment, general equipment, IT needs, and much more. Knurr carts for medical electronics are used in a wide range of procedural scenarios such as anesthesia carts, endoscopy carts, cardiology carts, emergency carts, pharmaceutical carts, IT/computer carts, procedure carts, and much more.

Knurr carts for medical electronics are created with superior materials, the most ergonomic design, and the finest workmanship. They are field tested and use proven components that require no guesswork. You get the functionality and quality you need at a fraction of the price of a ground-up solution.

  • Knurr carts for medical electronics - Anesthesia Cart Knurr carts for medical electronics - X-Ray cart


    • German Engineered. American Made.
      • The ultimate combination of skill sets for flawless design and execution on your medical cart requirements.

    • Modular construction
      • Vast array of components, yielding nearly limitless configruations to fit any medical cart requirements. Each component has been field-tested, and proven in use throughout the medical industry worldwide..
      • Easy mounting, including non-standard components. Variable and in integratred 19" or 25mm increments.

    • Ergonomic
      • Simplify daily tasks and interactions with engineering design that improves productivity.

    • Stable
      • Each design is extensively tested for stability. Oversize wheels, dual casters, wide-bases, and high-strength structures ensure that your mission-critical equipment and supplies remain protected.

    • Forward thinking
      • Security for future and flexibility with integration of 19" and metric technology

    • Expandable at all times
      • System expansions can be easily implemented while maintaining the original configuration, or changing it as needed.
      • An extensive range of accessories to fit any need: Flat screen holders, ESD castors, isolating transformers and leakage detectors, cable routing elements and all kinds of accessories for the medical sector.

    • Cable management
      • Orderly and space-saving cable management. Adjustable per configuraton, cable management can be created from an extensive range of accessory components.
  • Advanced cable routing and fittings for Knurr carts for medical electronics Isolating Transformers for Knurr carts for medical electronics Gas Bottle Holder for Knurr carts for medical electronics Anti-Slide Mats for Knurr carts for medical electronics

    Technical Data

    • Construction
      • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum supports
      • Sheet steel and extruded aluminum tube handles
      • Stepless T-slot module mounting
      • Welded sheet steel base units
      • Bumper caps
      • Available twin-swivel castors
      • Smooth-running, extra-large wheels, available double wheel configurations
      • Die-cast aluminum corner pieces
      • Powder-coated painted surfaces where applicable
      • Sheet steel doord, solid or with single safety-glass panel, opening >180 degrees

    • Solutions
      • Spacious cable routing systems
      • Unlimited drawer configuration possibilities
      • Slide-out keyboard solutons
      • Tiltable and pull-out shelves
      • Side-mount mouse tables
      • Socket strips
      • Anti-slide mats
      • Master Switches
      • Storage trays
      • Universal Arms
      • Antistatic Castors
      • Cable winders
      • Isolating transformers 600W-2000W
      • Electrical leakage detectors
      • Gas bottle holders
      • IV poles
      • Hooks and blocks
      • Flat screen supports

    • Configurations
      • ESD versions
      • 19" RackMount Electronics

    • Static load rating
      • Up to 180 lbs per work surface or shelf
      • Up to 495 lbs total
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