• Sandeep Duggal

    Sandeep Duggal, Chief Executive Officer

    Sandeep Duggal is the CEO of Extron and the Founder of As the CEO of Extron, he is responsible for setting and executing company strategy, business development and overall company performance.

    Prior to joining Extron, Mr.Duggal held various operations and materials management positions at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He also worked in marketing at Intel Corp in Hillsboro, OR and as a strategy consultant at Monitor Company in Cambridge, MA.

    Mr. Duggal is an accomplished public speaker, frequently speaking on topics associated with various aspects of Last Mile Manufacturing, including recent appearances on the CEO Show and the Democratic Governors’ Association Policy Conference on job creation and various conferences, including Design2Part and The Biomed Show. Mr Duggal is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

    Mr.Duggal holds a BSE (cum laude) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, an MSE in Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management from Stanford University and an MBA (with distinction) from The Harvard Business School, Harvard University.

  • Kien Nguyen

    Kien Nguyen, Vice President of Customer Integration

    Kien Nguyen is the Vice President of Customer Integration at Extron and is responsible for integrating new customers into the operations of the company.

    Mr. Nguyen has an extensive background in printed circuit board assembly and ERP software. He has been with Extron since 1983, first as an electronics technician, then as production manager, warehouse manager and PCB Assembly Manager. Prior to Extron, Mr. Nguyen worked as an electronics technician at Larse Corp in Santa Clara, CA for five years.

  • Dinesh Chatkara

    Dinesh Chatkara, Vice President of Operations & Quality

    Dinesh Chatkara is the Extron Executive responsible for Operations and Quality. He is an experienced executive with a proven track record in high-tech businesses. During the last 15 years, he has held executive positions in both Fortune 500 companies, as well as Venture Funded start-ups. Mr. Chatkara's previous companies include Tandem/Compaq, MarketFusion, The Booton Group, STEP Communications and TS3 Technology. While with these companies his focus has been on Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Quality and Test.

    Mr. Chatkara's continued success is the result of a unique mixture of experience in global outsourcing and supplier management of CM's and diverse commodities including PCBA's, machined parts, sheet metal stamping and injection molding.

    Mr. Chatkara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology with a concentration on Electronics and Computer Technology from California State University, Chico.

  • Randy Duke

    Randy Duke, Vice President of Business Development

    Randy Duke is the Vice President of Business Development for Extron’s Knurr Division, and is responsible for the business strategies, sales, and marketing relating to Knurr’s technical furniture, custom enclosures and mobile carts. Prior to joining Extron, Mr. Duke held executive management positions at Lagotek, Reallusioin, STEP Communications, Wave Systems, NEC and Kyocera. Mr. Duke also sits as an Advisor to the Boards of several Silicon Valley companies.

    Mr. Duke attended San Jose State University, majoring in Marketing and Psychology.

  • Joyce Cheng

    Joyce Cheng, Accounting Manager

    Joyce Cheng joined Extron in 2014 and is responsible for enhancing the financial status of Extron through management of systems for analyzing and reporting on financial information. Joyce plays a key role in helping Extron meet operational objectives from a financial standpoint by contributing accounting information and recommendations, auditing company finances, identifying trends, and maintaining internal controls.

    Joyce holds a B.S. in Accounting from Suzhou University, and an M.S. in Accounting from the University of Dallas.

  • Jill Hollister

    Jill Hollister, Director of Human Resources

    Jill Hollister is the Director of Human Resources for Extron. Her focus is on planning and managing programs that support Extron's team and capabilities. She is involved in acquiring new talent to play a role on the growing Extron team, coaching and training programs, ensuring compliance with staffing related regulations, and serving as a key organizational resource for Extron employees at all levels.

    Prior to joining Extron, Jill worked for Echelon Corp. in San Jose, CA, and PIMCO in Newport Beach, CA. She received her certification in human resources management at the University of California, Irvine.

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