customized solutions for Test and Measurement Applications

Knurr products of all types are found throughout the test and measurement world, with top tier companies relying on Knurr's work station consoles, mobile electronics carriers, and electronics enclosures of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, Knurr's advanced modular design creates a base on which these companies deploy highly customized solutions that help their teams achieve peak performance.

Knurr's work station consoles are highly configurable for electronics test and assembly, with multi-monitor display, adjustable work surfaces, and ingenious cable routing. Available in four distinct lines, each with unique features, Knurr technical furniture can be configured, combined, and accessorized in infinite ways to make it suitable for any application. Advanced ergonomics, extra-durable materials, high stability, and future-proof design makes Knurr the ultimate choice for your needs.

Knurr's mobile electronics carriers are suitable for a wide variety of test and measurement industry support needs, again with multiple cart lines that play a role in a huge range of applications. All are highly customizable, ultra-stable, easily adjusted, and made from high-strength extrusions and connections. We provide ESD versions of all of our products.

Electronics need protection, and you'll find no better protection than a Knurr electronics enclosure. From small bench-top cases, to small 19" racks, and wall-mount racks, all the way up to full size 19" network racks, the test and measurement electronics that support your operation will be in the ideal environment. Made from superior materials, and featuring industry-leading airflow design and Knurr's cable-routing genius, these can be customized and accessorized to meet any conceivable need.

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