customized solutions for Medical Applications

Knurr mobile electronics carriers and control station consoles are the products of choice for a wide variety of mission-critical medical industry applications.

The configurability and capabilities of Knurr mobile carts are well-suited to medical industry needs -- for electronics, lab equipment, general equipment, IT needs, and much more. Similarly, the configurability of Knurr's control station consoles means that you have a wide variety of solutions at your disposal, and can create work environments that enhance productivity, harness technology, and provide superior operational control.

Knurr mobile electronics carts and control station consoles are created with superior materials, the most ergonomic design, and the finest workmanship. You get the functionality and quality you need at a fraction of the price of a ground-up solution.

  • Knurr carts for medical electronics for the medical and healthcare industry
    Medical Carts

    Custom medical cart solutions are possible from straightforward application of the ergonomic Knurr modular design to fully-customized OEM type configurations. A full range of functional and procedural equipment can be supported.

  • Knurr carts for medical electronics for the medical and healthcare industry
    Medical Staff Control Stations

    Custom solutions from modular components and highly configurable designs.

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