customized solutions for aerospace & defense Applications

Knurr control station consoles and mobile electronics enclosures are the products of choice for a wide variety of mission-critical defense and aerospace industry applications.

The ergonomics of Knurr's control station and console designs are unquestionably state-of-the-art, promoting greater productivity, more focused attention, reduced strain and injury, and superior operational visibility and control. Limitless options for configuring the workspace are available - - work surfaces that are power height-adjustable, monitor configurations that defy imagination, curved layouts for see-and-reach capability, ingenious cable routing, and a huge catalog of accessories.

Knurr mobile electronics carts and carriers as well as enclosures for electronics are also well-suited to aerospace and defense industry needs -- holding rack mounted electronics, and carrying lab equipment, general equipment, IT needs, and much more. Knurr's industry leading modular designs are at home in the server room as well as on the aircraft assembly production floor. Stability, space-efficiency, superior workmanship and materials, and stunning ergonomics are all hallmarks of the Knurr product line.

That's why leading companies all over the world choose Knurr when configuring control station consoles, enclosures for electronics, and mobile equipment carriers for their mission-critical needs.

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