Custom Solutions for End-Users and OEM's

Knurr, manufacturing exclusively in North America by Extron Inc., is well-known for its ability to customize well beyond its modular base designs. The modular design underpinnings allow for a custom solution at a fraction of the traditional cost. With myriad configurations, a broad accessories catalog, and highly flexible components, end-users and OEM's can create solutions that are truly unique and exactly suited for a given application.

There are three primary reasons that companies turn to Knurr for their mission-critical needs:

Speed of design. The highly configurable and flexible nature of the Knurr line, as well as the ability to combine coponents in almost any combination make the design process fast and inexpensive.

Cost. These same characteristics allow truly custom pieces to be developed at a fraction of the typical cost.

Proven Components. Knurr's component elements have been tested over and over in real-world situations, from it's high-strength extrusion-based supports, forged connectors, battle-tested monitor support systems, stability-tested mobile carriers, to ingenious cable routing systems carrying literally thousands and thousands of miles of cable. When you design from Knurr components, you get the confidence you need to know that each piece is engineered to work, and to last.

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