control stations & consoles

Knurr offers the world's finest line of control stations, control room consoles, and technical furniture. Engineered in Germany and made in the USA by Extron, Knurr's products are used by leading companies in aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, utilities and transportation control, process control and manufacturing, and IT.

Patented ergonomic designs with powered adjustment controls are just the start. Ultra-durable materials and construction ensure that your investment in electronics - - and in the technical furniture that holds it - - will last far longer than usual. Knurr's designs employ modular construction, enabling fully customized solutions for any need - - at prices below that of typical customized solutions.

  • ErgoCon Powered 2-D adjustable control station console
    Ergocon®: Powered 2-D Adjustable

    The Ergocon line offers an ultra-modern lifting mechanism that quietly and steplessly allows for infinite adjustment of the work height, and provides programmable settings for multiple users. Ergonomic design, hidden cable management, and ergonomic table edges round off this impressive line of control room consoles. Learn more...

  • Dacobas ergonomic control station console
    Dacobas® Advanced: Fixed Height Ergonomics

    The new Dacobas Advanced line features an emphasis on egonomics and modular design, for the ultimate in expandable, future-proof installations. Dacobas is capable of handling an incredibly wide range of electronics and cabling, covering practically any requirement. Learn more...

  • CiCon ergonomic curved circular control station console
    CiCon®: The Circular Console

    The CiCon line of consoles consist of flexible modules that create a curving control center, for a truly "see and reach" work area. Link up unlimited numbers of modules for continuous workspaces. Learn more...

  • Synergy modular monitor wall solutions
    Monitor Wall Solutions

    From control-console monitor solutions to giant monitor wall applications, Knurr offers a modular product family for furnishing any control room with visual data displays of all sizes. Learn more...

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