Miracel® 19" Distribution Rack – NS 19.8: 800-0mm

  • Available with patented T-Slot extrusions
  • Available with single or double door front
  • With fixed 19” installation on the front and rear for components in acc. with IEC 60297
  • Flexible assembly of the built-in units with T-slot
  • Cable entry via plinth and top cover
  • Cable entry on the top cover, can be completely removed at the rear, allowing top cover removal and replacement after cabling
  • Heat loss discharge via raised fan top
  • Top cover prepared for upgrading with Cool-Blast® range fan units. This enables flexible adjustments to customer requirements.
  • Door opening angle, 180°
Jumpering space
  • Front, 4.84"
Load rating
  • 1,124 lbs static
Protection rating
  • IP 40
  • Earthing in acc. with DIN EN 60950
  • Vibration test in acc. with MIL-STD 810 E
  • IP test in acc. with DIN 40 050 / IEC 60529
Material / Finish
  • Basic rack, extruded aluminium, sheer
  • Corner piece, die-cast aluminium, sheer
  • Doors, sheet steel, powder-coated texture
  • Covers, zinc-plated sheet steel, powder-coated texture
  • Glass infill front door, single safety glass panel, 4 mm
  • Multifunctional braces, sheet steel, zinc-plated
  • Final digit of order number .1:
  • Visible surface of covers, RAL 7035 light-grey
Supply schedule
  • 1 basic rack
  • 2 19" aluminum vertical extrusions with T-slot and increment slide for spring nut M5
  • 2 multifunctional braces for cable clamping and universal mounting options
  • 2 side panels with quick connectors
  • 1 raised fan cover with cable entry (threepiece sliding plates, can also be opened completely), prepared for upgrading CoolBlast® fan units
  • 1 front door, single, single safety glass panel, with handle and mounting for cylinder lock
  • 1 rear door, single, sheet steel, with handle and mounting for cylinder lock
  • 1 plinth for cable management on the side and rear with levelling feet (0-25 mm)
  • 2 plinth trims for front and rear, with vent slots and fixing for filter mat
  • 2 plinth trims, closed
  • 1 complete earthing set DIN EN 60950
How supplied
  • Assembled