Racks & Enclosures

Knurr offers a full line of 19" server racks in full size, small sizes, as well as wall-mounted configurations. We also offer a line of weatherproof outdoor enclosures for exterior applications, as well as street enclosures for securing transportation-related electronics in the harshest of conditions. Knurr also offers a line of benchtop electronics enclosures, available in a wide variety of sizes.

Knurr racks and enclosures can be configured to meet CE, Amazon S3, UL, and CSA standards as required.

  • Knurr Racks and Enclosures - Miracel
    19" Full Size Racks

    With its industry-leading Miracel® line, Knurr offers the world's finest indoor server rack cabinets and accessories, suitable for any data center needs. These ultra-strong, stable, flexible, and efficient designs are available with multiple mounting systems. Learn more...

  • Compact Electronics Racks
    19" Small Racks / ISP Racks

    The Knürr Smaract® CompactRack is a proven-in-practice LAN rack that meets all requirements with decentralized networking in the company. Knürr Smaract® is an innovative and practical total concept with extremely low space requirements. Learn more...

  • Knurr Wall Mounted Enclosures
    10"/19" Wall Mounted Enclosures

    Knurr's ConAct® line of racks is perfect for wall-mounted electronics, and includes multiple mounting rails, glass doors and heavy-duty contstruction. Learn more...

  • Outdoor Electronics Cabinets
    Outdoor Cabinets

    The Tecoras line® of outdoor electronics cabinets are perfect for locating electronics in weather-affected locations. These include outdoor cabinets, street cabinets, and outdoor wall cases. They are available in multiple configuations and can handle standard and non-standard equipment. Learn more...

  • Bench Electronics Cases
    Bench Cases & 19" Chasssis

    The Chasseleon® line of bench cases offer flexible applications without complex assembly. Our bench cases are available in a wide range of sizes and configuations. Learn more...