knurr Tecoras® 19" Outdoor enclosures

Knürr Tecoras® is an innovative and practical line of outdoor enclosures for electronics of all kinds, including transportation electronics, machine controls, and network equipment. They are extremely durable, offer superb protection from the elements, are able to manage cooling in the most extreme conditions, and are highly flexible and efficient. Tecoras is also integration-enabled, modularly expandable and packed with impressive features.

  • Knurr Smaract small enclosure


      High Configurability
      • Identical basic and add-on modules for easy extendability
      • 19", metric, and non-standard equipment capable
      • Easy transport of individual modules and add-on at installation site
      • Damaged covers can be easily serviced and exchanged

    • Certiied Safety
      • Meets IEC721, ETS 300 019 and GR-487-CORE
      • Minimum 25dB shielding attentuation per IEC 61 587-3
      • Earthquake proof to zone 4 per Telcordia GR-63-CORE
      • Vibration-tested per IEC 68-2-6, IEC 68-2-29
      • Environmentally tested per IEC 68-2-1, 2, 5, 56, and IEC 529

    • Integrated thermal management
      • Heat exchanger integrated into enclosure wall improves available space by +15%.
      • Large spatial separation of air entry and exit points for maximum cool air flow

  • Knurr Tecoras Basis 700W outdoor electronics cabinets Knurr Tecoras Street Cabinets outdoor electronics cabinets

    Technical Data

    • Material
      • Extruded aluminum supports
      • Die-cast aluminum corner pieces
      • External panels of chrome-plated aluminum Al Mg3, polished.
      • Covers above and below with side vent slots
      • Rear covers screwed from the inside
      • Hinged solar protection roofs
      • Double-skinned door, closed or vented for installation of Tecoras thermal components
      • Hidden hinges
      • Triple interlocking systems
      • High door locking pressure
      • Powder-coated RAL 7035 light-grey, outdoor quality per GSB International, coarse texture

    • Ratings
      • EMC Seasling: in standard
      • IP 55 protection
      • Static loads up to 4,000 N

    • Options
      • Tecoras thermal components for door/wall installation: heat exchanger, cooling unit
      • Heating units
      • Vertical installation extrusions: 19" or metric
      • Cable entry troughs
      • Tecoras power supplies and power distribution

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