knurr smaract® and doubleprorack® 19" small Server Racks

Knürr Smaract® is an innovative and practical rack with extremely low space requirements -- highly flexible and efficient. At the same time it is also integration-enabled, modularly expandable at all times and packed with impressive features.

The Knürr DoubleProRack® embodies a complete 19" enclosure range, from the Desktop Enclosure from 6U through to the Compact Rack 24 U. Customized air throughput and IP protection are available in accordance with your requirements.

Extrusions for installing 19" components are available with mounting holes or T-slot for incremental or stepless mounting. Mobile or stackable, open or closed – the scope of configurations is enormous.

  • Knurr Smaract small enclosure


    • Access
      • Access from all sides for time savings during integration or maintenance. Solid-door, mesh-door, glass-door, and no-door options. Locking options.

    • Forward thinking
      • Flexibility with integration of 19" technology. Multiple heights to choose from: 6Uto 24U.

    • Intelligent construction
      • Low weight with innovative frame design. High stability created by triangular extrusions.

    • Cable management
      • Orderly and space-saving cable management. Adjustable per installation site, cable management can be created from an extensive range of accessory components.

    • Flexible ventilation components
      • Ideal ventilation customized to adapt to the specific built-in equipment, via a wide array of accessory components. Optional plinth and front vent panels on DoubleProRack offer ventilation from below as well.

    • EMC and IP versions
      • Upgradeable to IP or EMC standard, or both.
  • knurr extrusion miracel frame cross section

    Technical Data

    • Material
      • Extruded aluminum supports
      • T-Slot and mounting hole installation styles
      • Die-cast aluminum corner pieces
      • Zinc-passivated sheet steel covers
      • Sheet steel doord, solid or with single safety-glass panel, opening >180 degrees

    • Installation dimensions in accordance with IEC297-3
      • Height: 9U-24U (1 U = 44,45 mm)
      • Width: 482.6 mm (19” structure)

    • Versions
      • IP20
      • IP54
      • EMC°

    • Space solutions
      • 82% of the basic surface can be used as space for installation and
        cable routing

    • Configurations
      • Stationary, on leveling feet
      • Stationary, with plinth

    • Finish / Color
      • Basic rack, polished
      • Visible surfaces of covers, powder coated

    • Static load rating
      • Up to 2,000 N with stationary version

    • Tests according to version
      • Safety in accordance with En 50298 and EN 60950
      • Vibration test in acc. with MIL-STD 810 E
      • IP test in acc. with DIN EN 60529
      • Plastic components in compliance with UL 94-VO
      • EMC shielding attenuation in acc. with IEEE-STD-299 and VG 95 373
        part 15 (30 MHz - 1 GHz)
      • Vibration and shock test in acc. with DIN EN 300019-2-2
      • Earthing, VDE 0 100 T 540

    • Rack suite configuration
      • To create a rack suite with "n" racks, you need "n-1" racks without side panels, and 1 rack with side panels, plus 1 set of rack connectors per connection
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