Extron Inc. opens new facility showcasing Knurr line of system enclosures, technical furniture, consoles and mobile carts.

  • MILPITAS, CA (July 31, 2013) --Extron Inc., the North American manufacturer and distributor of
    Knurr custom 19” system enclosures, technical furniture, consoles, and mobile carts, has just opened a new product showroom in Milpitas, CA. Located at 496 South Abbott Avenue, near the intersection of Highways 880 and 237, the showroom highlights the innovative Knurr product line, which is produced at Extron’s 120,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001 facility.

    Sandeep Duggal, Extron’s CEO stated “Knurr has long been regarded as a leader in enclosures, technical furniture and mobile carts. With the opening of our showroom, we’re able to let our customers get a firsthand sampling of the advanced features, durable design and modular construction that has been a hallmark of Knurr’s product line.”

    Mr. Duggal went on to add “The engineering behind the Knurr line is unparalleled, and Extron’s manufacturing capabilities are world-class. So we’re excited to show our customers exactly what we mean when we say our products are ‘German engineered, and American made.”

    The Knurr line is built around a core design that incorporates the end customer’s unique needs and specifications. “Since the majority of Extron’s business is directed to the OEM community, the Knurr products showroom gives Extron the ability to train our sales representatives on the product line, and lets customers experience the flexibility and unmatched quality of Knurr’s designs in a real-world environment,” stated Randy Duke, Extron’s Vice President of Business Development.

    About Knurr Products.

    Knurr technical furniture, consoles, mobile carts and customized racks and enclosures represent the finest examples of engineering and quality manufacturing available today. Through a license with Extron, Knurr’s products are “German engineered and American made,” offering patented modular designs, adjustable work surfaces, maximum stability and comfort, durability and long lifespans. Knurr GmbH, is an Emerson company, and is headquartered in Arnstorf, Germany, with world-wide operations.

    About Extron, Inc.

    Extron, Inc., is a leading high-tech manufacturer offering solutions designed to improve supply chain cost, flexibility and risk exposure. Extron’s 120,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001 facility is located in Milpitas, CA, producing product for ¬†Fortune 100 companies in aerospace, defense, technology, communications, medical, and automotive. Extron provides on-demand product configuration in close proximity to the distribution channels, helping its clients reduce manufacturing cost, maintain control of IP, respond faster, and reduce risk.

    For more information, visit http://www.extroninc.com and http://www,KnurrUSA.com
    For more information, contact:
    Randy Duke
    (510) 353-0177 x136



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