Extron Inc makes Knurr electronics system enclosures, medical equipment carts, and workstation consoles available within Attainia supplier community

  • MILPITAS, CA – (November 30, 2011) – Extron Inc., the North American manufacturer and distributor of Knurr custom 19” system enclosures, workstations and consoles, and mobile electronics carts, has expanded its distribution into the Attainia supplier community.

    Extron CEO Sandeep Duggal, which manufactures and distributes the Knurr line of technical furniture in the U.S. said, “Attania is an ideal platform for increasing the availability of the Knurr product line within the supply chain of major health care systems. As a leader in healthcare equipment planning and budgeting solutions, Attania allows healthcare system design professionals to specify the world’s finest evironments for electronics.”

    Extron is featuring items from Knurr’s popular Synergy and Dacomobile lines, including 19” server rackscontrol room consoles, and mobile electronics carts.

    Prashant Patil, Knurr Product Manager stated, “The items we are displaying within the Attania system are all customizable, allowing us to accommodate any specific needs.” The Knurr line of technical furniture is popular among aerospace, medical, automotive, and process-related industries, as it is highly modular and built to the highest standards.

    About Knurr Products

    Knurr technical furniture, consoles, mobile carts and customized racks and enclosures represent the finest examples of engineering and quality manufacturing available today. Through a license with Extron, Knurr’s products are “German engineered and American made,” offering patented modular designs, adjustable work surfaces, maximum stability and comfort, durability and long lifespans. Knurr GmbH, is an Emerson company, and is headquartered in Arnstorf, Germany, with world-wide operations. For more information, visit http://www.KnurrUSA.com

    About Extron, Inc.

    Extron, Inc., is a leading high-tech manufacturer offering solutions designed to improve supply chain cost, flexibility and risk exposure. Extron’s 120,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001 facility is located in Milpitas, CA, producing product for Fortune 100 companies in aerospace, defense, technology, communications, medical, and automotive. Extron provides on-demand product configuration in close proximity to the distribution channels, helping its clients reduce manufacturing cost, maintain control of IP, respond faster, and reduce risk. For more information, visit http://www.extroninc.com

    About Attainia, Inc.

    Attainia, a privately held company founded in 2001, empowers healthcare providers, alliances, planners and suppliers to collaboratively achieve the greatest lifetime value from every capital equipment purchase. Attainia’s enterprise solutions include PLAN for project equipment planning, BUDGET for routine capital workflow management and TRACK for capital equipment replacement forecasting. At the core of all the applications is a catalog supporting detailed product information from more than 2,500 suppliers in 4,000 categories. Healthcare networks and equipment planning firms are currently planning more than $30 billion of capital equipment in Attainia. Via the PREDICT dashboard, fully categorized views of this planned spend enable strategic sourcing professionals to proactively improve standardization, increase contract compliance, reduce risk, and aggregate purchases. For more information: www.attainia.com

    For more information, contact:
    Cobey Cross
    Business Development Manager
    Extron Inc.
    (510) 353-0177 x136

    Jill Worley
    Dir. of Product Marketing
    (866) 288-2464

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