knurr elicon® control station console and electronics workstation

The Elicon line features Knurr's consistent focus on modular construction for cost-optimized configurations, flexible work heights (adjustable in 20mm increments), ingenious cable management, and state-of-the-art ergonomics.

  • Elicon Electronics Workstation Elicon Electronics Workstation


    • Cost-optimized ergonomics
      • Working heights adjustable at 20mm increments
      • Compliant with latest standards and specifications
      • Ergonomic and desktop edge
      • Tilt work surface adjustable on the fly 0-30 degrees

    • Cable routing, switches, and KVM accomodation
      • Spacious horizontal and vertical cable ducts
      • Convenient access to cable ducts from above through desk
      • System superstructure with sliding sections
      • Removable cable duct covers inside and outside on the side panels
      • Accomodation for socket strips, switches, and KVM extenders

    • Modular construction
      • Simple link-up of the modules for expansion and full-room configurations
      • Working level, superstructure, suspension cabinet, add-on levels, angle and corner units
      • Compatible with 19" Smaract cabinet for 3 and 6 U configurations

    • Standards
      • DIN EN 527 office furniture, office workstations
      • DIN EN ISO 11064 ergonomic design of control centers